Our Story

From CASO to Full Spectrum Cyber and Beyond

BlackHorse CEO Mike Kushin and CSO Tim Newberry at our new HQ in 2019.

It all began in 2009, with the idea that it was time for someone to create an innovative digital security training program that met the growing needs of the National Security arena. Out of this idea, our flagship cyber security and OSINT analysis course — called CASO — was born.

Since that time, the world around us has entered into an era of unprecedented digital transformation that is challenging the way people and organizations combat today’s predominant cyber security issues. Known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, new and unique types of publicly available information (PAI) are constantly created and updated in real-time. This readily available data gives illicit actors more access vectors and leaves organizations with the burden of synthesizing large volumes of dynamic information to protect their digital assets.

Over the years, BlackHorse Solutions has evolved into a company that leverages these changes into new opportunities. We capitalize on innovations in technology to develop solutions that help our customers take an active-defense approach against adversaries in the digital space. Security and innovation are often viewed in opposition of one another, where one is perceived to make the other more difficult. We believe they go hand in hand and are both equally important to your future success. We will engage you in thoughtful and transparent conversations so we can deliver solutions that address your biggest concerns and provide cyber resilience for the future.

Quick Facts

  • World headquarters in Herndon, VA
  • Office locations in Fayetteville, NC and Tampa, FL.
  • Small business, established in 2009 - veteran founded
  • Customers include Federal, State, Local, Commercial and International organizations
  • Private equity backed by two industry leaders, Razor's Edge and 1011 Ventures


  • Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurements (SEWP V) Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)
  • GSA IT Schedule 70
  • Multiple Prime Vehicles, for information.


Our philosophy entails creating and leveraging technology combined with many years of security and intelligence expertise to deliver solutions that meet our customers National Security and Business needs.


Mike Kushin

Chief Executive Officer and President

Mike Kushin is President and Chief Executive Officer of BlackHorse Solutions, a leading provider of solutions to the national security and critical business community. As CEO he is responsible for leading the direction of the company and delivering capabilities with excellence to our customers. Mike brings over 30 years of highly specialized experience delivering capabilities to the Defense Department and Intelligence Community in three core areas, including cyber technology solutions, digital signals processing development, and mission applications.

Tim Newberry

Chief Strategy Officer

As BlackHorse Solutions' Chief Strategy Officer and Founder, Tim is responsible for setting and executing strategy to drive company growth in relevant markets, as well as partnering with functional leaders throughout the company to understand strategic interests and priorities and ensure competitive positioning. He has co-founded three other technology solutions companies in the last 10 years and has been leading innovative program creation within the US Defense, Security, Intelligence, and Commercial communities for nearly 20 years.

Core Values


Be transparent and always do the right thing.


Use technology to create new ways to do business.


Deliver excellence in everything we do.


Optimize performance quickly and efficiently.


Treat customers, partners, & competitors with respect.

Our Impact

In a technology and data-driven world, we still believe PEOPLE are at the core of any successful organization. We will always invest in and empower our people so we can deliver high quality products and services to our customers and community. You can expect our experienced team members to be men and women of integrity, who are passionate about the mission and strive for excellence in everything we do.

We are and will continue to be at the forefront of innovation in the digital security industry, offering creative and original offensive and defensive cyber solutions to tackle today’s most important digital challenges. Our organization excels through forward-thinking and execution that stems from our close collaboration with our customers and partners.

BlackHorse Solutions understands there is a corporate responsibility to give back to our community and the environment. We are committed to helping others through our sustainable business practices with a goal of leaving a lasting and positive impact on those around us.