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Much Is At Stake as the Quantum Threat Emerges

Last week BlackHorse CEO, Mike Kushin, gave a sobering presentation on the “Unique Challenges for Adopting PQC in the National Security Realm” at the 8th International Cryptographic Module Conference (ICMC20).

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Is Quantum Computing the Next Big Security Risk?

There is widespread agreement that quantum computers will rock current security protocols that protect global financial markets and the inner workings of government.

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Google’s Potential Claim to the Throne of Quantum Supremacy: What Does it Mean for Cybersecurity?

Researchers claimed supremacy in quantum computing by successfully running a series of ground-breaking experiments.

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Identifying Research Challenges in Post-Quantum Cryptography Migration & Cryptographic Agility

A report from the Computing Community Consortium's 01/31/19 - 02/01/19 workshop in DC to discuss research challenges associated with PQC migration.

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Will Hybrid Cryptography Protect Us from the Quantum Threat?

The CSA Quantum-Safe Security Working Group has produced a new whitepaper on hybrid cryptography.

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